Dessert Bars

Cupcake Selections
Mini Sweets
Cupcake Selections

Spiced chocolate, pumpkin cream cheese frosting
Chocolate peanut butter
Red velvet, cream cheese frosting
Pink Champagne, champagne buttercream frosting
Decadent carrot, cream cheese frosting
Chocolate, chocolate cheesecake
Vanilla, cheesecake filling and topping
Dulce De Leche
Coconut macaroon, chocolate drizzle
Lemon Meringue, toasted meringue frosting
Chocolate, chocolate buttercream frosting
Banana, cream cheese frosting
Strawberry, strawberry buttercream frosting
Black forest, cherry filled, whipped topping
S’more/marshmallow center, fudge dipped, crushed graham crackers
German chocolate, coconut caramel topping
Vanilla, vanilla buttercream
Italian rum, custard filling, whipped topping, almonds

Mini Sweets

Handmade Gourmet Assortment Of Mini Sweets Elegantly Displayed
Assorted cookies
Seasonal filled puff pastry bites
Coconut macaroons
Ricotta mascarpone tartlets
Fruit custard tartlets with fresh fruit
Seasonal pie bites
Brownie bites
Lemon blueberry puffs
Chocolate Fountain with Assorted goodies for dippin


New York Style Creamy Cheesecake Mini’s
Seasonal assorted toppings
Blueberry Lemon
Fresh strawberry port sauce
Fresh strawberry and balsamic reduction
Caramel praline
Cinnamon chocolate
Whipped cream